Statement on Amber Rudd’s briefing at Scope on Tuesday 5 March

Possability People offers cautious welcome

Sussex charity, Possability People, cautiously welcomed Amber Rudd’s statement yesterday, which suggested reforms to the way in which disabled people are assessed for allowances and benefits are on the way.

Speaking after the event, Geraldine Des Moulins, Possability People’s Chief Officer, said:

“Ms Rudd is right to say disabled people feel like they are on trial when they claim benefits; they do. Our Advice Centre sees hundreds and hundreds of people every year who are exhausted and devastated by the process, facing the prospect of going to tribunals just to access benefits they are entitled to. This is on top of the day to day challenges of managing their health.

“It is heartening that the Minister recognises the challenges her department presents. We welcome her acknowledgment of the problems disabled people face in getting benefits, and her commitment to making the process easier and fairer.

“But she must now put her words into action. Assessments must be fairer, processes must be shorter and the needs of disabled people placed at the centre of any new system her department instigates.  As a charity which supports disabled people in The Minister’s own constituency of Hastings, we would be very pleased to share with her our experience of what does and doesn’t work”.