PA/Carer (At Home service)

We are looking for PAs (Carers) to join our At Home service.

The aim of Possability People: at home is to enable adults in receipt of care and support to be in control of their own support at home. We support people who wish to use self-directed care but who do not want to take on all the responsibility of being an employer. We provide a personalised, user-directed home care service.

The role will provide personal care, for people in receipt of personal budgets including continuing care budgets, and for people who pay for their own services. The tasks undertaken will vary according to the needs and preferences of the user but can include help both in and outside the person’s home, with daily activity such as washing, eating, taking exercise, taking medicine, travelling, working, looking after pets.

For more information contact us on 01273 89 40 70 or by emailing