We want to make this website as accessible as we can. We want it to be useful for everyone, no matter what their health condition, impairment or age might be.

We will regularly user test it so that we know if anything needs changing. We are keen to receive feedback from users: please email if you would like to share with us.

Our web developers work to best practice accessibility guidelines:

You can change this website to better suit you by selecting from our top menu bar. You can:

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We have organised our information into broad sections, which you can see in the next menu bar (above the main photo). Hovering your mouse pointer over one of the sections (such as Our Services)  will show you what’s inside each of those sections. You can click on the main heading (for example, Advice & information) for a sub menu or you can go straight to the section you want to read.

We try hard to use plain language on the site, avoiding jargon and acronyms.


Making information accessible for clients of our services and their carers    

Recognising that we all have varying communication needs, we are committed to following the Accessible Information Standard. The Standard sets out a specific, consistent approach to identifying, recording, flagging, sharing and meeting the information and communication support needs of service users and carers with a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

At Possability People, all staff receive training on the Accessible Information Standard.  In addition, it is embedded in the way we do things and our support approach.