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Welcome to our blog, where we delve into topics that matter to our community, with expert advice and personal stories, aimed at empowering and supporting disabled people.

Accessible all areas?

With the summer festival season coming up, Kate Annetts explores discounts, carer tickets, volunteer opportunities and more!

“There are opportunities to volunteer to be a mystery shopper at live performances with a chance to get free tickets as well as the chance to work at festivals in accessible areas”

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Co-production conference

Kate Annetts feeds back on our recent conference success.

“The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly, that meant it was easy to start a conversation with anyone.”

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7 ways to be an ally to disabled people

Kate Annetts gives 7 tips on how to be an ally to disabled people

“Don’t assume that a disabled person needs help or that you know what they need help with.”

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People of Possability - Rosie

In our new series, we meet some of the people behind Possability People and their role within the charity. Rosie Hall is our Hospital Discharge Support Manager.

“Making someone’s home safe and manageable that means they can get home; that feels great.”

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Am I disabled?

In our second blog post, Kate Annetts explores what being disabled means.

“There is no national database of disabled people.”

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Rare Disease Day (28/29 February)

In our first blog post, Kate Annetts talks about her own experience of having a rare disease and the challenges in receiving a diagnosis

“Sometimes when you hear hoofbeats, it really is a zebra.”

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Meet the author - Kate Annetts

Kate  has worked for Possability People since 2017 in various roles. She is also currently studying for an MA in Journalism at The University of Brighton.

As a disabled person Kate particularly wants to write about the challenges she and other disabled people face in their daily lives. She is a firm believer in the social model of disability and dreams of a day when accessibility is equal for all.

Instagram @yourwobblyfriend