Why volunteer

Because volunteers are brilliant! They are also vital to Possability People. Without them, we couldn’t provide services to the high standard that we do.

Volunteers support all aspects of our work, often sharing their lived experience of being a disabled person for the good of the whole organisation.

We have a range of accessible volunteer roles across all of our services and we encourage other organisations to provide accessible volunteer places too. Just because someone is disabled, it doesn’t mean they only want to volunteer for a disability organisation. We believe volunteering should be available on an equal and accessible basis and have an increased number of opportunities for disabled people to volunteer.

Not all our volunteers are disabled people. People come to us for lots of different reasons. Some people want to practice being in a work environment before going for jobs, while others want to make friends and get out of the house, and others want to give something back.

In return, we support them to learn and develop, offer training, and organise social events for some fun. Lots of our volunteers go on to find paid work, while some enjoy their role and stay with us for a long time.

Watch our short film below about our volunteer programme

"I feel very valued as part of the team, and I find the actual work I do very rewarding and interesting."

As a course of positive action and to ensure a wide representation of our diverse communities, we actively encourage applications from disabled people, people from minority ethnic groups, and those who are trans/TNBI or gender-diverse. We recognise these communities are currently under-represented in our organisation and we would love to hear from you.