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Any business with employees needs to make sure their staff are paid correctly and on time.

Whether you are a disabled person employing your own PAs and support staff, or if you are a business with several employees, you need to make sure your staff are paid correctly and on time.

We started providing a payroll service 20 years ago supporting people who employ their own care staff. Today we have over 400 clients, ranging from individuals to private businesses to other charities. We offer an expert, flexible service tailored to your needs and requirements.

And, if you choose us as your payroll provider, you will be supporting a charity which makes a difference to the lives of thousands of people every year. It’s a practical way of demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

400+ clients think we provide them with a first class payroll service

Some of the things our payroll service does includes:

  • Registering the user as employer with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Liaising with HMRC on matters relating to ‘pay as you earn’ (PAYE) for employers
  • Processing payroll and producing payslips
  • Processing statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, holiday and sick pay
  • Completing of end of year documentation
  • Processing of pension deductions in line with any applicable auto enrolment law and providing all the statutory communications when required
  • Processing of wage deductions required by government agencies or as required by courts
  • Processing starters and leavers based on the appropriate documentation provided by the user
  • Production of P45 (leavers’ statements) and P60.
  • Setting up and administering NEST pension scheme for auto-enrolment.

Our job is to make your life simpler and more convenient, so you can get on with doing your job without worry.

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