Going Above and Beyond on Brighton and Hove Buses

Possability People featured on one of Brighton and Hove buses to mark the organisation going above and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic.

The superhero powers of Possability People’s staff and volunteer team have helped, fetched, carried, called, zoomed, amused and inspired hundreds of people in Brighton and Hove who have needed them when times have been tough. There’s no problem this disability charity can’t solve equipped with a laptop, phone, a heap of imagination, goodwill and plain, old fashioned, hard work.

For our advisors, employment specialists or care agency staff (to name just three things this local charity does) any barrier to independent living is no match, and our super men and women make the city a safer, brighter place for everyone. We can be summoned by phone or email, so if you or someone you know needs superhero help, give us a call.


Fab and his team of care staff work round the clock to make sure disabled people, older people and people living with long term health conditions have the support they need to get through the pandemic safely. He’s our PPE and care planning superman and we think everyone in the city needs a Fab in their life.


Despite lockdown, Karen continued supporting people needing our advice. She has volunteered throughout the year, calling our clients (and there are lots of them) after all sorts of official paperwork has been sent or received. For lots of people, dealing with official agencies can be frightening and Karen and the team help make it bearable.


Mandy is our very own wonder woman. She takes ideas and turns them into a reality, finding the money, people and space to make brilliant stuff happen. Mandy and the team ensure our beneficiaries keep getting first rate services and support, so they don’t face crises alone.


Maddy is the chair of our trustee board. A volunteer with the organisation for over 10 years, she’s supported disabled people in lots of ways including as a trustee board member. Despite the many extra challenges of the last year her calm, considered and thoughtful presence has seen us through.


Rupert is our Early Response Service superhero. He fixes it when older people’s circumstances mean they can’t safely leave hospital because their home needs a big dollop of TLC.