Statement re traffic and transport in Brighton and Hove

In response to media enquiries about changes to disabled parking in the city.

The recent changes to traffic and parking in Brighton and Hove, which we understand have been implemented in response to central government’s wish to encourage more people to walk and cycle in the wake of Covid-19, have had a major impact on disabled people.

Possability People were not consulted by Brighton and Hove City Council about how the changes will impact on disabled people. However, we would welcome the opportunity to work with them and other groups to find a way forward.

Disabled people and people living with long term health conditions are likely to want to avoid public transport, and for many people, cycling or walking is not do-able; using a car is the only option.

This means that disabled parking bays and easy access to the city centre by car provide a vital lifeline.

We understand the importance and benefits of encouraging people out of their cars and onto public transport, bicycles or walking where possible. But making it more difficult to drive and park in the city disproportionately impacts on disabled people, who are already struggling with streets which now have more furniture and people outside as we come to terms with reality of social distancing.