Possability People wants to minimise any potential risk from corononavirus to our service users, volunteers, staff and anyone else we might come into contact with.

We are tracking government, public health and National Health Service England (NHSE) throughout the day.

At the moment, our services are operating as usual, with all staff following current guidelines (eg for handwashing and self-isolating).

Many of our service users, staff and volunteers have underlying health conditions which could make them more vulnerable to coronavirus. As an organisation, we want to err on the side of caution.

We are putting plans in place to enable us to operate as near normal a service as we can without putting anyone at risk. This might mean more working from home, using technology for meetings or offering support via the telephone.

If anyone is worried about working with us in person, please telephone or email us as soon as you can so we can see if we can find an alternative.  If you aren’t concerned and are due to visit or meet with one of our team, please make sure that you follow recommended handwashing and hygiene practices.

Recommended handwashing and hygiene practices

If anyone due to come in or meet with a team member feels unwell or has returned from an area affected by the coronavirus, please stay at home and telephone or email us in the first instance instead.

Areas affected

This is an unprecedented situation for us all, but by being extremely cautious, we hope we can prevent it from becoming more serious.

If you have any concerns about this message please email our Chief Executive: or telephone us on 01273 894040.

When information changes, we will update it via our website, on our Facebook page and Twitter account.