Mandy’s March with the Mayor

Possibility People employee walks 27k in aid of the charity

Brighton and Hove charity worker Mandy Crandale has completed the 27k Mayor’s Boundary Walk in aid of local organisation Possability People. The charity works with disabled people, older people, young people, anyone with an impairment or long term health condition and their carers.

Mandy, from The Community Employment Service, completed the walk from the boundaries of East to West Sussex, with partner Debbie and their two dogs Nessie and Willow.

Inspired by the work her colleagues and the charity does to help local people, Mandy has raised £245 so far, beating her target of £100.

Reflecting on the walk, Mandy said:

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the day; it was a lovely opportunity to walk from East Sussex and around the outskirts of Brighton. And it was a good excuse to raise money for Possability People’s work with disabled people, especially since we raised more than double our fundraising target. It did take Nessie and Willow about three days to get over it, though!”

The Community Employment Service has a number of ways in which it supports disabled people or people with a long term health condition or impairment who are thinking about employment. So far, the team has supported 187 disabled people wanting to get into work.

If you would like to make a donation, the fundraising link is open until 30 July 2017.

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