Recruit Ability

Possability People and the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, have launched a new project aimed at getting the right people into the right jobs, helping them fulfill their potential and enhance the business that employs them.

  • A disabled graduate is far more likely to be unemployed than an unqualified person who is not disabled
  • One of the biggest barriers to employment for disabled people is perceived attitudes of employers
  • Over 50% of unemployed working age people are disabled

Recruit Ability will help employers find talented, qualified people.  We want them to see the positive impact disabled people can have.

What’s in it for job seekers?

  • The opportunity to apply for real jobs with employers who want to employ disabled people
  • Help arranging support or adjustments you might need in the job
  • Support through the recruitment process and ongoing support

What’s in it for employers?

  • If they’re hiring, we have a number of job seekers who may be just what they are looking for
  • We’ll help them set up a work trial or offer potential for work experience or taster days for individuals
  • We’ll help them to apply for Access to Work funding to cover the cost of equipment, software or other support

Chamber of Commerce website

If you would like to know more about Recruit Ability and Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, have a look at their website.

Contact us

To find out more, contact The Community Employment Team on 01273 89 40 40 or email