Possability People’s Points of Interest 201

A local charity which supports disabled people across Sussex has seen demand for its services increase during 2018

  1. Our Advice Centre had 4438 enquiries, a 10% increase in last year.
  2. Our Advice Centre supported nearly two and a half thousand clients.
  3. Our Advice Centre has an average of 56 drop ins per month. This is a 12% increase from last year and can range from 7 to 12 people per drop-in day.
  4. Our volunteers contribute an average 18,720 hours each year. This is equivalent to £163,800 in annual salaried costs per year if paid the Brighton Livng Wage.
  5. Link Back supports older people after a stay or appointment in hospital. In the last year, it had 273 referrals into the service; made 125 support planning visits at home and 38 telephone support calls.
  6. Right Track supports people with musculoskeletal conditions in the community. It received 273 referrals from teams across the MSK Partnership as well as additional new referral routes.
  7. 880 people have taken part in our Citywide Connect programme,
  8. 631 pledges made between organisations taking part in Citywide Connect, of which 80% of have been completed.
  9. Over the past year, over 500 people used our Shopmobility service to hire scooters and wheelchairs at a low cost.
  • Our Community Employment Service has supported 535 people. 138 of them found paid work, while 256 went on to do work experience or volunteering.

Geraldine Des Moulins, Possability People’s Chief Executive said:

“There’s an awful lot to reflect on over the past year as we’ve supported thousands of disabeld people in a range of different ways. But sadly, the statistics from our Advice Centre reminds us that disabled people continue to be disproportionally affected by welfare reforms and poverty.

“We are all hoping, and will work tirelessly, to achieve better things for disabled people in Sussex in 2019”.