Innovative Brighton and Hove Project helps reduce impact on NHS

Following the publication of State of Care – Care Quality Commission's annual overview of health and social care in England 2015/16, Sussex charity, Possability People praised Brighton and Hove’s NHS for backing their innovative approach to supporting frail older people to leave hospital as quickly as possible. 

People meeting around large table with smart board in use

The charity’s Link Back project is a collaboration with Brighton and Hove’s Royal Sussex County Hospital. It employs a community specialist to match older people, particularly those who are lonely or frail, with voluntary and community services which can support them when they leave hospital.

Geraldine Des Moulins, Chief Executive Possability People said: “Link Back provides a stable stepping stone for older people who might otherwise be stuck in hospital. We know people recover far better from illness at home than they do on the ward, but sometimes the extra support required to successfully leave, and importantly, stay out of hospital, isn’t always there.

“Working collaboratively and creatively with The Royal Sussex County Hospital has had very positive effect. If we can help link people into the community services around them, then we can do an awful lot to make life better for a large number of individuals, while easing some of the pressure on the NHS”.