People of Possability film launched

Our new film, People of Possability, has been launched

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Sussex charity, Possability People have launched their new, short film: ‘People of Possability’. The film features staff, volunteers and people who the charity has supported, as they talk about their journeys through the organisation.

Shana, one of the charity’s trustees, describes how Possability People helped her:

“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008. I got signed off work and went to the job centre. It was there that they first sent me to Possability People. It was great because having just been diagnosed and all kinds of stuff happening in my life, I was just getting referred to one place for all the support that I needed to help me live independently. Through my volunteering roles with Possability People I got the confidence to become a trustee, taking on those management and steering issues for the user led organisation. It’s been a massive, massive opportunity for me to things that I didn’t think it would be possible to do with my life”.

Lilly, a staff member, describes her journey with Possability People:

“I’ve lived with a condition called vasovagal syncope for about 10 years now, which causes me to have blackouts and lots of dizziness and fainting. And being a hidden disability, I found it difficult to talk to people about it.

I found out about Possability People because I wanted to find someone who was able to come with me food shopping, and I wanted to maintain my independence. I found out a lot information from Possability People on how to self-manage my condition better. And then a couple of years later I started to feel a lot better. My fainting went down to about once a week. And so I applied to be a bank staff assistant at Possability People, and I’m now a full-time project development worker, running the Get Involved Group.

Possability People’s Chief Officer, Geraldine Des Moulins, says: “I’m delighted that our film celebrates the achievements made by disabled people, and even more delighted that Possability People supports and encourages people to fulfil their potential. We are about positivity, about making things happen.  Shana and Lilly’s stories are perfect examples of this.

“We support thousands of people every year. This film is a tribute to them and disabled people everywhere, for the boundaries they push and the barriers they overcome”.

Possability People worked with Jon Rist to make the film. Enormous thanks to him and the The British Airways i360 who allowed to film on board.